Seguros Catalana

A sweet animation showing
how a connected car works,
from one of Spain’s biggest insurers.


We are true banner-makers.
Done them in every shape,
size, colour and language.
Red Corner

The Two Marias is a digital creative production company based in Barcelona. We design and develop digital experiences, create content and craft campaigns — and we do it for brands and agencies around the world who want their projects delivered well (and without the headaches). Wanna see some of those?


Our mantras

We treat every project with the energy of the first day.
Our mantras

We treat every project with the energy of the first day.

We’ve worked with clients all over the world, and on a vast array of different digital production projects. And whilst we’ve been doing it for over a decade, we still bring the same energy that we brought on Day 1.

Small is beautiful
Our mantras

is beautiful

Because being small allows us to be agile, flexible, and focus on the details of each and every project. We work and collaborate continuously online, saving time and making the most of your budget.

With our feet on the Earth and our head on the world.
Our mantras

With our feet on the earth and our head on the world.

Over 12 years of international experience have given us the skills to handle working with different markets and cultures. You can pick up the phone, and we’ll answer in English, German, Spanish, Catalan, Chinese or French, bien sûr!

Professional, efficient and friendly
Our mantras

efficient and friendly”

That's what our clients say, anyway! Maybe it's because we know that devil's in the details. Or because we deliver always on time. No, wait, we know what it is: we are a cheerful bunch. Even on Mondays.

We believe in Karma methodologies.
Our mantras

We believe in Karma methodologies.

Doing good work today brings joy tomorrow - both to us, and our clients. We might work with complex technologies, but we keep things human-scale and jargon-free.

There are only two Marias.
But there’s also Paula,
Claudia, Xavi, Ale…

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