We initially wrote the guide below for internal use, aimed at new producers who had experience in digital but weren’t experts on banner ads as part of their initial training at The Two Marias.

In the past few years, though, what we thought would be a training document stuck on our server for occasional use, has become something we use regularly to answer client questions about real projects and to help them get up to speed with the wonderful world of banners!

It’s still a guide for beginners but we know from experience that some senior producers managing banner campaigns would have appreciated something like this when they started out. Even today, some might learn the meaning of basic concepts they have been using for years.

Equally, if you are a brand and outsource your banner production, our guide can help you to better understand the nuts and bolts of the production process. You might have heard (and maybe used) terms like “rich media” before, or “clicktag”, “clickthrough”, “backup” or “40kb”.. but do you know what they actually mean when it comes to production?

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