If you have been involved in managing banner campaigns, you will probably agree that having a correct, accurate and organised online media plan that is regularly updated is one of the keys to success. But sometimes this seems like mission impossible!

You may wonder, for a start, why it is so difficult to get your hands on the media plan before production starts. And when you do finally receive the plan, you may ask yourself why the information is not correct and / or complete.

The answer to these questions falls on the media agency’s shoulders as it is their responsibility to provide this information. However, as a production house we know full well that accurate online media plans are very hard to get. This causes a long list of potential problems. Do these sound familiar, for example?

  • Incorrect estimates: How can you estimate the production of a list of banners if you don’t know how many pieces you need to build and exactly how they should be?
  • Change requests: Yes, you can put together an estimate without a media plan by making assumptions. But when you use these assumptions to build and new requests then come in, there will inevitably be change requests.
  • A complete media plan must include technical specs. Specs are necessary for banners to be built correctly but they are also necessary in order to understand the technical limitations and therefore decide if a certain creative idea is achievable or not.
  • Timing issues and frustration: After you have built all your banners, suddenly someone sends an email saying, “Oh but there are three more sizes missing” or “I’m afraid that’s too big, we need to stick to 150kb” or “That should expand to the other side”…Arrghhh

We bet that you have found yourself in one of these situations in the past.

The fact is that at the end of the day banners need to be trafficked, so someone must have previously booked the media space and this person should know the technical specs. So why didn’t you receive them at the beginning, you wonder?

Well, the good news is that we can help! How? We’ll get in touch with the media agency, ask them to send over the media plan, analyse it, call the publishers one by one and make sure that both the media plan and the specs are 100% correct, accurate, organised and updated.

Too good to be true? Try us…

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