The Two Marias is turning eight years old in 2016, quite an achievement given the average life cycle of companies! We’re really pleased with where we are and what we’ve accomplished so far. Finding a niche in the super competitive and crowded London advertising scene fills us with profound satisfaction too.

However, when someone asks us what we’re most proud of in the history of The Two Marias, we always say that it is the connection and trust that we’ve built between, well, the two Marias, Maria Blasi and Maria Sala.

Relationships are something we have all experienced and we know how difficult they can be. Egos, former flames, expectations… they all play a role in how we judge a relationship. When you add money into the equation – as is inevitably the case in a business relationship – then the cocktail becomes even more flammable…

The successful business partnership between The Two Marias owes a lot to luck, of course, but after eight years of working together, we have identified a few key factors that have allowed us to get where we are today, with bundles of energy in reserve to do great things in the future.

So, hoping that you forgive us our indulgence, here are a few tips that we think have helped The Two Marias to stick together and get where we are:

  • Find a business partner that shares similar work / life balance expectations with you – be honest with yourselves!
  • Find a business partner that has similar financial expectations and professional ambition.
  • Find someone who will complement your skills, someone whose strengths set off your weaknesses.
  • Once you get down to work, make sure you clearly assign areas of responsibility and, even more importantly, respect your business partner’s opinion and decisions in the area/s that he/she supervises.
  • Be completely transparent with finances, even if it is only a matter of a few Euros. It is all too easy to lose trust with a business partner and very difficult to regain it.
  • Don’t try to become your business partner’s friend and mix your private and professional lives. You’ll find things easier to deal with when times are tough if there is a separation between work and friendship.

Of course this is just a taster of what we think makes a solid business relationship -a few things that have worked for us! We’ll have a think and maybe post a few more pointers in a couple of months 🙂

Let us know what you think, we’d be pleased to hear! @TheTwoMarias

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