As an experienced digital production house, we know that production planning is just as important as the actual production phase. If done right, a good timing plan will allow the project team to meet client expectations, manage resources efficiently, be aware of risks and ultimately end up with happy clients and contented teams. If not well done, however, the project may face a number of issues, including team frustration and ultimately unhappy clients.

Of course you will always run into unexpected challenges during the project. But a good timing plan can help reduce the number of potential headaches. Below are 10 key questions that you should ask your client before putting together a timing plan:

1. Is there a specific deadline?

2. How much time will you need to send us the necessary assets in the required format?

3. Will you send all the required assets at once or in phases?

4. Are there other parties involved in the project? Are there any dependencies?

5. How many rounds of amends would you like / can you afford?

6. How much time will you need to review work and come back with consolidated feedback?

7. How many internal feedback reviews with the project stakeholders will you need to have?

8. How much time will you need in order to generate the content prior to the launch?

9. Do you have a QA plan that we can use to work out timings for the QA phase?

10. How will the website be launched and who will be responsible?

Got all your questions answered? Great. Now you can start writing the timing plan. Once you get it approved by your client, you will still need to make sure that it is followed, of course! But that is the subject of another post.

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